The First Imperial Grand War 1278 Edit

Cause of the war Edit

The Lutanian Empire had long been wanting to expand their enormous empire. The Kingdom of Marcania had seen this come and had therefore been building up there military.

The Lutanian Empire The Kingdom of Marcania
500 000 Regular troops

1 000 000 Militias

500 Great warships

20 000 Transport Ships

200 000 Regular Troops

2 000 000 Millitias

100 Great warships

The Invasion Edit

The Battle for Rourstown Edit

The Battle for rours town was the first battle in the First Imperial Grand War. The Lutanian trop was landed in the dock in the port city of Rourstown. The Imperial navy had bombed Rours town for two days before the troops were put ashore. But when the invasion force was put ashore, the imperial troops was heavely fought back. The Invasion force consisted of the complete 1 500 000 troops. The Defending force was consisted of 1 000 000 militias rapidly sent to rours town at the beggining of the war a few days earlier. The battle lasted for 22 full hours. The Lutanian Empire lost: 22 000 men and Marcania lost: 289 000 men

The Second battle of Rourstown

The joy of victory didnt last long for the tired Imperial troops who was attacked 5 hour later by a full force of 2 000 000 Marcanian men. The Lutanian Empire evacuated their soldiers to prevent high cassualties and later that day a peace treaty was signed