The Discovery Edit

The discovery of Ashawii lands was a discovery of a completly new continent, the continent had a lot of leaf forests and big open green field. The continent was home to different tribes of dark-skinned humans called the Ashawiis.

The Ashawiis Edit

The ashawiis was a proud and strong people, when the first Lutanians landed they were slaughtered by the fearced Ashawii warriors. Not much else is know about the ashawiis except that they would participate in many wars on the continent in the future.

James Redford Edit

James Redford was the trader who discovered the ashawii lands after he had sailed in the wrong direction for weeks without noticing it. James Redford and his company was greeted by the ashawiis and was given food and supplies. James Redford and his crew returned after staying in Ashawii for over a month, when he returned and told the story, all the great leaders didnt care much about the Ashawii lands at the time, but in the future both Marcania and Lutania would colonize the continent and a great amount of wars would be fought there.