The Era Edit

The Great era of peace and prosper was a era that latsed 202 whole years. This era was an era where food, resources and jobs for the people seemed neverending, finally a poor peasant could eat so much that he would be stuffed after the supper. Mortallity, diseases and wars just seemed to disapear. Ofcourse this led to mass patriotism as all the lower classes and middle classes in The Lutanian Empire seemed to think that this was the Emperor who had saved the people from starvation and disease, but there was truth in thoose statements as about 20 years earlier the Emperor had begunn to mass produce farms and clinics to keep his army healthy so that he later could invade Marcania again without a week and hungry army. But this decision was called of and all the food produced from thoose farms went to the people and all the clinics built especially for the military was opened to the people