The Lutanian Colonisation of Ashawii Edit

The Causes Edit

The Causes of the colonisation was because the population and poverty in the Empire had grewn and grewn over the years, almost 400 miljon people lived in The Lutanian Empire now, the second reason was that the lack of glourious and prestigious wars in the past years made the government of the empire fear that other countries was going to see them as weaklings. So late on 12th of june General and Lord William Crandall, 200 000 Imperial Soldiers and 3 miljon poor people and farmers landed on the norhtern most tip of Ashawii.


The Establishement of New Dunnwalld Edit

General and Lord William Crandall had one year on him to establish a foothold on the continent, and on the same day as arrival the 200 000 imperial soldiers and the 3 million citizens, a new town was being built. The 200 000 soldiers was sent back after only a month due to rising tensions between The Lutanian Empire and the Republic of Marconi. When the one year had gone by, a new town had been built.

The Ashawii tribes Edit

The Ashawii tribes and The Lutanian settlements did not think much of each other in the first year, but soon General Lord William Crandall had begun to build a militia of irregular men to later be able to expand Imperial territory in the years to come.