The Lutanian Conquest 1701-1705 Edit

The Causes of the war Edit

A year had now gone since the first wave of people arrived to the continent, there was a high risk of starvation due to the lack of land that The Lutanian government controlled. General Lord William Crandall therefore formed a militia consisting of lightly equipped, untrained and very undisciplined irregulars. In the beginning of the war this militia consisted of 30 000 men, all of them were volunteers. The Ashawii tribes managed to raise a force of 500 000 men.


The Beginning of the war Edit

General Lord William Crandall traveled to the southern jungle of New Dunnwalld. However Warlord Taddash had gathered a force of 100 000 jungle warriors and the two parties clashed just south of New Dunnwalld

The Battle For New Dunnwalld Edit

The Lutanian Militia The Ashawii tribal warriors
30 000 Irregular troops 100 000 troops

This battle was a short battle. The Lutanian Militia simply deployed on a smaller hill, and lured the tribal warriors out of the forrest. Once out of the forrest the ashawii