The Causes of the Formation of The Republic of Marcania. Edit

The Marcanian Republic Formation was a period of time between 1600-1601, people in Marcania had since the beggining of the Kingdom of Marcania been known to klove and protect their King and Country againgst enemies and rivals such as Lutania. But inside the country the people had started to sicken of their current government that suppresed the people and only cared about themselves. So in May of the year 1600 over 600 000 citizens took to the street in Fedoraska and stormed the Royal palace. After that a whole year of political tensions and constant uprisings and protests begann, until fevruary 1601 when the people of Marcania voted on which type of government the country should have, the decision was that the country should be a Republic. This newly formed Republic would soon rise and becomme one of the worlds superpowers.