The Third Imperial Grand War 1650-1651 Edit


The Causes of the war Edit

In history the Lutanian navy have always controlled the seas between all islands and between Marcania and Lutania, this had ofcourse been in favour for the Lutanian Empire as more trade were controlled by the Lutanian Empire. But in the year 1630 the Republic of Marcania started to build a strong and modernized navy to hold of attacks from the seas. But when the Nationalistic and Patriotic Joffrey Dunant was elected as the President of Marcania in the year 1649, he pledged to the nation that the Lutanian dominance over the Seas was to be ended in a war, and eventually in 4th of April 1650 the Marcanians declared war againgst The Lutanian Empire. Marcania quickly deployed their entire navy to the seas to beat of the old victorious and prestigefull Imperial Navy.

The War Edit

The Marcanian Navy Edit

The Modernized and heavily equiped Marcanian navy consisted of around 2000 ships and about 100 000 men in crew. 500 Manowars , 1000 Frigattes and 500 brigs.

The Imperial Navy Edit

The Old and somewhat modernized Imperial Navy was far more huger and had better odds than the Marcanians had. 4000 Ships, 1000 Manowars, 2000 Frigattes and 1000 Brigs

The Result Edit

In the beggining of the war the Imperial Lutanian navy immediatly surrounded the Marcanian navies and started to engade them, after months of fighting the Marcanian navy was completley broken and almost 90 000 sailors had been lost, 1 452 ships was destroyed, the Lutanians had only lost 200 ships. Soon when the winter came the Lutanian Imperial Navy had to withdraw to replennish with food, ammunition and new troops in Rose Island. After the winter the Lutanian navy returned, but this time the Marcanians surrendered and the war was over. The Marcanians was forced to pay 50 billion gold coins to Lutania, 94 516 Marcanian Sailors died, 7 853 Lutanian Sailors died.